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Supporting The Counter | Directional Skill Practice (16-P3)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice 3 in Theme 16 Supporting the counter focuses on the speed and type of support together with the recovery of defending players when overloaded. We begin with a ball into a striker, 1 v 1 against a single defender, with 2 attacking support players triggered on the coaches pass.  2 defenders are then able to recover after the striker takes their first touch. Defenders must delay as teammates recover in line with the goal.

Supporting The Counter 16 P3 1

Key Coaching Points
  • (Tactical) Recognise effective types of support in different overload situations
  • (Technical) Passing quality on the run, focusing on weight and accuracy of passes
  • (Physical) Speed of support to break defensive lines with forward runs.

Supporting The Counter 16 P3 2


Progressions & Constraints 1
We can progress this by allowing a recovering defender to start their recovery at the same time as attackers support, creating a 3 v 2 much quicker, with a 3rd defender able to recover after 3 seconds. This will force attackers to make quicker decisions to exploit space, avoiding situations when defenders become balanced.


Supporting The Counter 16 P3 3


Progressions & Constraints 2
This shows how the practice could be set up with 7 players.



Supporting The Counter 16 P3 4


Key Questions
  • How can you ensure your overload results in a shot on goal?
  • How can you respond to 3 v 2 overloads and when do you need to perform more individually in counter?
  • How are defenders protecting goal and how can you exploit this?