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Supporting The Counter | Opposed Practice (16-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
Set up a 40 x 30 yard area, with 6 v 5 overload (depending on numbers) in one half of the grid, with a single player remaining in the opposite half. Team must make 10 consecutive passes to get a goal. If defenders regain possession, they must transfer the ball across to their teammate to join in to combine and defenders must press now in this area, leaving 1 player in other half.

16 P1 1


16 P1 2


16 P1 3

Progression 1 | 2 v 1 On Regain
  • Leave extra player to support transfer, against 1 DF who must remain in this area.

16 P1 4

Progression 2 | 5 Pass Transfer
Possession team can now transfer the ball after 5 passes in a 1 v 1. Player must create space as an option - Quick support.

16 P1 5

Progression 3 | Support Runs To Finish
Goals added to provide direction and challenge. Once transferred support runners can combine to finish.
Key Coaching Points
  • Support transfer of the ball quickly and effectively. That's the name of the game here. Coaches must be aware that possession may be gained and regained in quick succession.
  • SPACE | On transfer players must recognise space to support quickly in order to maintain possession.
  • TIME | Challenge possession team to keep the ball for a certain amount of time before being able to drop a player out and transfer ball back into other half.
  • EQUIPMENT | 4 goals and halfway line adds focus and provides targets to encourage quick support.
  • PLAYERS | Could leave 2 or 3 out of the half to develop more possession with a number advantage.