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Direct Counter From Deep | Directional Practice (08-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
This directional practice is the second of Theme 8: Direct Counter From Deep. With a focus on our midfield player receiving on the back foot to break defensive lines, we develop the timing of forward runs from 3 attackers against 2 central defenders to finish. Our midfielders first touch will dictate the type of pass played, encouraging the use of both feet. Progress by repositioning mannequins, changing passing angles as a result.

Football Practice 08 P2a

Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | First touch to set for well weighed pass
  • Tactical | See movement in front influencing passing decision
  • Psych | Recognise success and learn strengths of teammates and opposition

Football Practice 08 P2b


Progressions & Constraints 1
Vary player’s touch to influence pass decision


Football Practice 08 P2c

Progressions & Constraints 2
Move mannequins/cones so different passes and runs encouraged.
Key Questions
  • How can I best achieve success with my forward pass?
  • What runs do I need to make?
  • What are my teammates capable of (pass/runs/combinations)?