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Opposed Skill


Direct Counter Attack | Opposed Skill (08-P3)

Organisation / Set Up
This counter attacking practice begins with a 4 v 3 in a 20 x 40 yard central area, with an attacking midfield box 4 against a midfield 3 playing point up. After making 5 passes attacking midfielders can finish against the Goalkeeper, if Reds gain possession they can initiate the counter attack. With an awaiting front 3 against 3 defenders, a forward pass can be played and one support player can join in the counter, creating a 4 v 3 overload.

Football Practice 08 P3a

Key Coaching Points
  • (Tact) Recognition of space created by attackers to penetrate
  • (Tech) Execution of final pass and finish
  • (Phys) Speed of attacking runs on the counter

Football Practice 08 P3c


Progressions & Constraints
An additional Blue defender can support midfield players from deep encouraging a 3 v 2 counter attack when reds win possession..


Key Questions
  • How quickly can we support forward players?
  • When is it best to drive individually or pass quickly into forwards?
  • Where are spaces appearing on the counter attacking and how can you penetrate?