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Receiving To Dribble & Drive | Opposed Practice (44-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
The first animation (of 14) in our Receiving To Dribble & Drive theme concentrates on dribbling with the ball in 3 different scenarios to developed isolated technical ability before progressing to 1 v 1s and then important decision making to finish. With 3 zones, we have a simple technical dribbling and finishing practice, followed by a 1 v 1 and finishing practice, before a 2 v 1 defending overload to challenge dribbling players.

44 P1 1


44 P1 2


44 P1 3

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Identify space to exploit in each practice situation, this will differ
  • Technical | Ability to take on players at pace and move defenders with quick feet
  • Psychological | Confidence to take on players and try to solve problems.



44 P1 4

Progressions & Constraints
Progress to cone off the area and players to play in a 3 v 3 with a goalkeeper at each end
Key Coaching Questions
  • How are defenders defending against you? How can you overcome this?
  • What different types of dribbles can you use to beat defenders? Be creative!