Defenders Joining Attacks | Opposed (55-P1)

35 Defenders In The Attack

Set Up
50 x 40, 2 teams of 3 in a possession practice in central area, with 4 players on the outside as floating players who can step in to join in the attack. Possession team must get ball into target player who must step in first touch to combine before dropping out again, as CBs would during games. 
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 10+
Player Focus
Starting Attack | First Touch | Passing Decisions | Angles To Receive

35 Defenders In The Attack 2
Progression 1 | Switch Play
When CB target players receive they must switch play with teammate creating angles to receive


35 Defenders In The Attack 3
Progression 2 | Drop Out
As CB targets step in to rebuild, player must drop out to receive in wide area to keep the ball.

35 Defenders In The Attack 4
Progression 3 | Build To Finish
Goal and possibly GK added to allow attacking teams to play to a finish, maintaining conditions.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
The real focus is on CBs choosing whether or when to step in to combine, whilst making the right decision under pressure, or to switch play to rebuild attack from different angles.
S - CB when stepping in must take their first touch away from opposition, with supporting players using space to create angles.
T - Concentrate on speed of transition, how quickly do players create space for DF to combine, could set 2 touch condition to speed up play.
E - Possibly split shaded area into halves creating a 2 v 1 or 3 v 2 in each area (depending on numbers), may allow practice to flow with overloads.
P - Focus on use of overloads and maybe allow opposite target man to drop in to create 4 v3 overload in central area, DFs will have to check shoulders allowing more space in front.