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Ball Mastery


Ball Mastery | Body Control (BM-02)

Organisation / Set Up
This Ball Mastery practice develops players control with different parts of the body, with volleys, chest and head being used to control and pass the ball to opponents.

Ball Mastery Control 02a

Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Ability to use both feet
  • Technical | Control with feet, chest and head
  • Physical | Agility to change direction

Ball Mastery Control 02b


Progressions & Constraints 1
Players on the outside to perform toggles, toe taps and other activities in between throws or passes.


Ball Mastery Control 02c

Progressions & Constraints 2
Introduce a defender to protect any gate to stop players from travelling through with the ball.
Key Questions
  • How can you adjust to bad throws or passes quickly?
  • What type of contact do you need to make, area of the ball?
  • How can you avoid defenders better in this small area to travel through gates?