High Press In Attacking Third | Opposed (25-P1)


Set Up
This is a quick fire starter possession practice in a 25 x 15 split into 2 halves, with size of practice adjusted to suit age and numbers. Here we work both the possession and pressing aspects of the game and engage players at the beginning of a session with high tempo challenge.
2 DFs must regain possession in the opposite end and transfer the ball to their teammates for the opposition to then send 2 players to do the same.
Player Focus
Speed of Press | Co-ordinated Press | Forcing 1 Way | High Energy | Communication
Progression 1 | First To 100, Send In Player
First team to gain 100 passes, can send 3rd man but concede 5 passes.
Consider: When should extra player engage if needed?
Progression 2 | 4 Areas, Split Into 3s
Possession team must now maintain 3 players in each quarter to work defenders.
Consider: Can you use the 3 v 1 effectively and then switch?


Progression 3 | Rotation On 3
Possession team must now switch players every 3 passers, different each time.

Consider: Which players should switch each time and why?


Touchtight Coaching Tips
More advanced coaches could develop this so that players could develop this into a skill practice in which players can score once they obtain 10 passes for example.Think about how you could develop each of the 5 focus area in this practice.
Key Coaching Points
Focus here on limiting space through hard press and intelligent forcing of direction between players | DEMO
Recognise when the right time is to press, Slow pass, Poor control, Ball off the floor; must be paired understanding of when to press | Q & A
Splitting of area into sector using flat discs, works players game intelligence | GUIDED DISCOVERY
Pair players in the positions they play i.e. 2 x CBs. Concentrate on their understanding of each other's press | OBSERVATION/INSTRUCTION