GK Shot Stopping | Technical (53-P1)




Set Up
202 yard area (for younger age groups) with single goal, GK and coach to supply balls. Coach must work GK with a number of balls, with shots or throws side to side, and centrally. Coach must also work GK high and low, ensuring variety is provided and GK is quick to feet with reactions after saves.
Duration | 15 minutes
Age Group | 5+
Players | 1
Player Focus
Quick Feet | Eyes On The Ball | Bent Legs When Set | Strong Glove Contact | Reactions
Progression 1 | Cones To Work Quick Feet
Cones added left, right and central for GK to perform quick feet through preparing for each shot.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
GK must work on quick feet during this practice with the focus on reactions before and after save to prepare for the next ball. Depending on age and quality of player, coach can manipulate conditions to motivate individual to enjoy developing technique.
S - Space that GK has to work can be determined by the coach, with closer ball delivery giving GK less space to react.
T - Time challenges for GKs can encourage speed of movement and reactions after saves especially, timed over cones could develop GK also.
E - Cones for progressions adds quick feet element. Size of goal must be appropriate, and number of balls for GK very important and must be considered.
P - Individual player focus.
Advanced  - More advanced players may be encouraged to progress this to holding onto the ball and distributing into a target area, e.g. goals 10-15 yards away. This could be determined by easing shots or throws into GK to work thus element. Coach can obviously increase difficulty of practice with distribution if shot stopping and quick feet are the focus.