New Soccer Drills



Ball Mastery | Dribbling (BM-01)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice one of our ball mastery section focuses on improving dribbling skills, with half of the group on a ball in the central area, and the remaining players on the outside. Players must dribble the ball to the outside and lay off to an outside player, encourage a change of direction when entering the square.

Dribbling Practice 01a

Key Coaching Points
  • Tech | Ability to use both feet
  • Tech | Close control
  • Physical | Agile to change direction

Dribbling Practice 01b


Progressions & Constraints 1
Progress to a one two pass on the outside.


Dribbling Practice 01c

Progressions & Constraints 2
Players use their left and right feet in the central area.
Key Questions
  • How can you keep close control?
  • How can you avoid players in your dribbling?
  • What changes in smaller and larger areas in your dribble?