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Crossing & Finishing | Skill Practice (30-P2)

Set Up / Organisation
Practice 2 of Theme 30 Crossing and Finishing is played in a 50 x 40 (alter for younger age groups), and focuses on wide players beating defenders to deliver crosses for 2 forwards against 2 defenders.

30 P2 1

  • We must work both sides to ensure attacking players develop balance in their movement.

30 P2 2

  • If defenders win their one v one in wide areas they can counter to finish in a central goal. If attackers are unsuccessful in beating defenders consistently, the coach can pass a ball into space for the wide player to deliver after the counter. If the central defenders win possession they must also counter into the central goal as shown.
Key Coaching Points
  • Encourage confidence in wingers and provide detail on their final ball in the ‘corridor of doom’, with strikers timing their movement to lose markers with crossover attacking the near and far post.