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Protecting Possession | Physical Exercise (61-P1)

Set Up / Organisation
Practice 1 of Theme 61 Protecting Possession, can be applied to players of all age groups and is a physical exercise testing individuals to hold up play in a 1 v 1. In a circle 20 yard in diameter (adjust for your age group), we split the area into 4 quadrants each with a 1 v 1 situation.

61 P1 1

Hold Up...
The player in possession must then hold up the ball until a different player is able to support, allowing player 1 to bounce the ball back to the outside. The attacking player must then switch to another area to receive a pass off a different floater, with defenders remaining in their quadrant.

61 P1 2

  • On the outside a single floater will pass a ball into player 1, and then move to another quadrant on the outside.

61 P1 3

Progressions & Constraints
  • Progress by creating 2 v 2s in each area with 2 support players, one outside player will then rotate between groups, as will one attacking player on successfully keeping possession.

61 P1 4

Key Coaching Points
  • Physical: Strength to hold up play in 1 v 1 situations
  • Cognitive: Recognition of when and how to connect
  • Technical: Touch and passing to combine when needed