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Goalkeeper Playing Out | Directional (28-P1)

Set Up
Practice 1 of Theme 28: Goalkeepers playing out, is a possession practice in a 30 by 30 yard area, working goalkeepers quick feet and decision making. With a 4 v 4 plus a floater in the central area, the possession team must build play from one end to the other, using a 3 player overload to control play. If the defending team wins possession they must pass to teammates in the attacking half to finish.
Key Coaching Points
  • Technical Key Point | Body shape to play out quickly - side on
  • Physical Key Point | Quality of distribution (weight and accuracy)
  • Psychological Point | Looking for options away from the ball

28 P1 1


Progression & Constraints
We progress the practice by challenging goalkeepers and outfield players to be more direct, allowing longer passes from outfield players into goalkeepers to deal with and for GKs to look for the most forward pass.


Key Coaching Questions
  • How are goalkeepers playing out under pressure (quickly / slowly / right / left)
  • When are goalkeepers looking for most forward pass and why? Effective?