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Winning Possession In Midfield Third | Directional Practice (11-P3)

Set Up | Objective
This 3rd practice of 14 in Theme 11: Winning possession in MF Third focuses on developing 3 v 3 situations within a 202 yard area, encouraging counter attacks on winning possession, creating an initial 3 v 2 overload in the attacking third. The objective of this practice is to encourage teams to regain possession quickly and counter-attack as soon as they gain possession. Players must work together during defensive pressure phase and on their regaining, showing the vision to see attacking players available in an overload situation and execute their forward pass.
Birds Eye View | From Game to Practice to Game
  • We can view the area of the pitch in which this session would be positioned, with a focus on our midfield 3 players in and out of possession and our forward 3 to break against the 2 opposition defenders. This is a position City would find themselves in, as can be seen in our first 'Uncovering Pep' analysis.


Key Coaching Points
  • Defensive organisation to win possession as a 3
  • Speed of transition crucial to avoid losing the ball after winning it
  • Being clinical in final third situations (3 v 2)