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Playing Out From The Back | Technical (14-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
This Technical Passing practice is aimed at improving players short passing, control and movement off the ball, in addition to quick thinking when adjusting play. In a 25 x 30 yard area (age dependant), we have 4 players combining horizontally from end to end and another group of 4 players combining to play end to end vertically. Each group has 1 player at each end and 2 players in central area to combine with each other, 1 touch if possible. Objective is for end player to pass to furthest central player who must set teammate in side zone to play through to the opposite end player, once passed through, different player receives in the middle to set teammate. Increase tempo and maintain control as players become more comfortable with this passing movement.


Key Coaching Points
  • Passing weight and control, to ensure passing moves do not break down and consideration of teammates shown with pass and set.
  • Avoiding other players, checking shoulders and playing on the half turn to play forward quickly.
  • Communication must be specific and players must be aware of movement of teammates and take up spaces left quickly.


Progressions & Constraints 1
Central players can crossover now when played through, so receiving pass on different foot to develop balance from opposite end..
Progressions & Constraints 2
End players can now rotate with central players inside after pass played through to opposite end.