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Quick Feet To Finish | Technical (104-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice 1 of Theme 104 Quick Feet to Finish has a physical focus and can be applied during pre-season or throughout the year. Working individually, a single player must perform forward and backwards shuttle runs between cones spaced 2 yards apart, before receiving a pass from the coach as shown.

104 P1a

The player must position themselves at an angle to be able to take their first touch behind the mannequin to run onto, before playing a pass to a waiting player between 2 poles positioned 2 yards apart. They must then turn to receive a second pass off either a coach or fellow player and play a bounce pass off a rebound board (or a player if a board is unavailable). To finish the exercise, they must take a strong touch through cones to finish in a 1 v 1 against the goalkeeper. Active player then becomes a support player for the next rotation.
Progressions & Constraints | 1
Progress by this by adding scores for each technique performed correctly.

104 P1b

Progressions & Constraints 2
Progress further by including time constraints for players and challenges based on player ability.
Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Quality of first touch, pas and finish
  • Physical | Quick feet to change direction and accelerate and decelerate
  • Psychological | Remain balanced with technique and increased speed when competing