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Finishing & Recovery | 1 v 1 Practice (41-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice 2 of Theme 41 Finishing and recovery is a one v one practice, with emphasis placed on speed of reaction and acceleration to get away from chasing defenders.

41 P2 2

Neutral Pass
  • The coach must play a neutral pass and call a number for 2 players to attack. The player winning possession must break through one of two gates to attack goal and finish.


41 P2 3

Key Coaching Points
If defender makes a tackle after the attacker breaks through the gate, they must clear the ball. If possession is won before the attacker gets through the gate, they then become the attacking player.


41 P2 4

Progressions & Constraints
  • We can progress this further by rewarding the goal scorer with a cross from the coach or a supporting wide player, with the defender defending in this one v one aerial duel.


Key Coaching Points
  • Speed of reaction to get to ball first
  • Calm in front of goal
  • Finishing Technique