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Building Play In A 433 | Opposed Practice (31-P3)

Organisation / Set Up
This practice is a 2 v 1 possession practice. With a 433 against a 343 we look at how our central midfielder can connect with our central defender to eliminate an opposition striker. The possession area is a 15 by 18 with 2 mini goals replicating a midfielder (8) and striker (9). Our defender must begin in the first zone, with our opposed striker beginning the press in the third zone shown, together with our supporting midfielder (4). The attacking pair can gain 2 points for playing the midfielder in behind the striker to a finish.

31 P3 1


31 P3 2


31 P3 3


31 P3 4

Progression & Constraints | 1
Allow the striker to high press, with the coach having to play the pass into the central defender first.

31 P3 5

Progressions & Constraints | 2
Play the midfielder first, who can score if they gain entry into the final zone.


31 P3 6

Key Coaching Points
  • If the midfielder receives possession off the shoulder to score they will gain one point.
  • If our centre back can break into the final third to finish after a 1/2 the pair gain 3 points.


Key Coaching Questions
  • Where is the space created to play in behind and how can we achieve this?
  • When you can be brave to break defensive pressure with runs on and off the ball?

31 P3 7