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Defending Centrally | Opposed Practice (12-P1)

Set Up / Organisation
In this Attack v Defence practice, we focus on defensive pressure and player's ability to defend the goal. Defender starts with the ball and plays an initial pass into striker and can press as soon as attacking player takes their first touch. Objective is for attacking player to take on defender to finish for 3 points, or run to one of 2 cones either side of pitch area for 1 point. If defender wins possession, then they attack and finish opposite end.
Key Coaching Point | 1
  • Defensive pressure with a focus on individual technique (speed, slow down, body shape, bent knees, jockeying etc.)
Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Defend the goal for a minimum of 10 seconds or must regain within 5 seconds, depending on success.
Key Coaching Point | 2
  • Recognise attackers weak side and force them onto that side, without over compensating. How can you achieve this?
Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • If play continues for 10+ seconds, introduce an extra attacker and defender to create 2 v 2.
Key Coaching Question
  • How does this influence your defensive decision making when aware of additional players?