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Interchanging Positions | Technical Practice (04-P1)

Set Up / Organisation
This Technical practice is played in a 362 yard area, broken down into 4 x 4 squares, with 3 or 4 teams of 4 creating effective supporting angles, and movement, whilst unopposed. Objective is for each team to simply move the ball around the area whilst avoiding other players in the area, and developing an understanding of how to rotate with teammates during this phase.

04 P1a


04 P1b

Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • Players must now receive a pass in another area to where they are as pass is played. This will slow play down, yet will encourage players to think about weight of pass and verbal and non verbal cues will be more important with this progression.

04 P1c

Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • Players must now rotate with another player in a different square after they have played the pass. This will encourage players off the ball not to just focus on receiving the next pass, but on the movement to create space with passing player.