High Press In Attacking Third | Opposed (25-P1)


Set Up
This is a quick fire starter possession practice in a 25 x 15 split into 2 halves, with size of practice adjusted to suit age and numbers. Here we work both the possession and pressing aspects of the game and engage players at the beginning of a session with high tempo challenge.
2 DFs must regain possession in the opposite end and transfer the ball to their teammates for the opposition to then send 2 players to do the same.
Player Focus
Speed of Press | Co-ordinated Press | Forcing 1 Way | High Energy | Communication
Progression 1 | First To 100, Send In Player
First team to gain 100 passes, can send 3rd man but concede 5 passes.
Consider: When should extra player engage if needed?
Progression 2 | 4 Areas, Split Into 3s
Possession team must now maintain 3 players in each quarter to work defenders.
Consider: Can you use the 3 v 1 effectively and then switch?


Progression 3 | Rotation On 3
Possession team must now switch players every 3 passers, different each time.

Consider: Which players should switch each time and why?


Touchtight Coaching Tips
More advanced coaches could develop this so that players could develop this into a skill practice in which players can score once they obtain 10 passes for example.Think about how you could develop each of the 5 focus area in this practice.
Key Coaching Points
Focus here on limiting space through hard press and intelligent forcing of direction between players | DEMO
Recognise when the right time is to press, Slow pass, Poor control, Ball off the floor; must be paired understanding of when to press | Q & A
Splitting of area into sector using flat discs, works players game intelligence | GUIDED DISCOVERY
Pair players in the positions they play i.e. 2 x CBs. Concentrate on their understanding of each other's press | OBSERVATION/INSTRUCTION







High Press In Attacking Third | Opposed Practice (25-P3)

Set Up
3 teams of 4-6 players in an area 25 long x 15 wide, split into 3 sections. Each of the 3 teams must start in a different playing area, with 1 team keeping possession in one end zone. 2 players press from middle area to win possession and transfer the ball to the opposite end. Once they win possession, they drop out of central zone and the team who loses possession moves into the central area, with 2 players pressing; this is a quick rotation.

12 163teamchase2inP1

Progression & Constraint 1 | Player Drop To Receive
Opposite end player can drop in to link play to play through, must not stay in area more than 5 seconds - Rotate.

12 163teamchase2inP2

Progression & Constraints 2 | 50 Pass, 4 Ball Transfer
Players keep count of passes and must make 4 passes to transfer the ball to opposite end.

12 163teamchase2inP3

Progression & Constraints 3 | Bounce To Play
Middle players must drop and set possession player to switch and transfer to opposite end.
Key Coaching Points
Quick Passing | Spacial Awareness | Speed of Press | Body Shape | Angles
Player Focus
Great practice to start sessions off after warm up, as elements of competition and quick passing and transfer of the ball, encourages player to work at a high tempo. Compact area encourages players to play quickly and challenges individuals in possession to move the ball quickly under pressure. Not much time available here. Get players to focus on giving themselves more time through being ready before transfer; organised. Balls must be prepared at the coaches feet or stationed around the practice, as there will be a lot of transfer of possession. Be creative with numbers, decide what you want out of the session, easier defending or attacking and work to those ends. e.g. 4 v 2, 5 v 3, 6 v 4 etc.