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Counter Attacking | Skill Practice (02-P3)

Organisation | Set Up
  • Practice 3 of our counter attacking theme has a 2 v 2 with a floater in a 15 by 15 square in each corner of the practice. When possession is won, one of two players must play the ball into an awaiting striker with one player able to support, creating a 2 v 1 to finish. The practice must work in both directions throughout

soccer practice

Defender regain
  • If defender wins possession they must attempt to play the ball into the square to restart the practice and gain a point.

Soccer practice

Key Point - Recovery
Depending on player numbers you may be able to allow for recovery rotating players in and out.

soccer practice theme

We can progress this by allowing two players to support the striker, with a defender now active on their first touch, 1 recovering defender will create a 3 v 2 situation. Ensure we rotate attackers and defenders throughout the practice.

soccer practice theme