Using Quick Wingers | Tech (38-P2)


26 Crossing And Finishing A


Set Up
This Technical Passing Drill can be used to develop crossing and finishing in opposed and unopposed situations. Here we develop passing into wide areas, crosses into central positions for finshes from attacking players. 5 Players build play, with 2 CMs pass between them, to then play ball out to wide player who puts the ball in the box for forward runners to finish. Rotate sides, and players work in pairs each time.
Player Focus
Timing Of Runs | Weight/Accuracy Of Pass | Varied Types Of Delivery | Overlaps/Underlaps
Duration | 20 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 8+
Key Coaching Point 1 | FB Overlap
WM comes inside for CM to play into, who sets for CM to play FB on overlap, who crosses.


Key Coaching Point 2 | Opposed
Add 2 FBs and CB to go opposed creating 2 v 1 in wide areas, forces players to find space.

Key Coaching Point 3 | CM Opposed
Forward runs can now be made by CM with a player to defend, players must time runs.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
The football coach must ensure the number of players are correct, pairing MF players for each passing play. Each move will use the opposite side to the previous and you may therefore need an extra ST to rotate each time. Ensure number of balls sufficient to maintain flow. Possibly 2 GKs as they will be busy during this focused practice.
This focuses on developing crossing situations and player understanding through verbal and non verbal communication. More advanced players can develop Go & Show movements so passers are aware of dummy signals that could be used in games.
SPACE: Time runs effectively based on the space they have to run into. Focus on not getting their too early or late, allowing ball to be played first time.
TIME: When opposed, limit time to get the ball in the box realistically. Possibly touches in wide areas may be limited.
EQUIPMENT: Introduce goals for defending team to play into if they regain possession. Cone off area where cross must be put in from (high/wide/inside).
PLAYER: Can build these combination by introducing a number 10 for WM to combine off with crossovers etc. This would benefit more advanced play in the final third.