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Building Play In A 433 | Opposed Practice (31-P3b) BONUS ARTICLE

Organisation / Set Up
This is an additional supporting practice for theme 31 building play in a 433 and focuses on relationships between our central defender (5) and CDM (4).

31 P3b 2

We can see how players can combine to play into striker (9) or attacking midfielder (8), who in this practice will be positioned mini goals.

31 P3b 3

We begin by constraining players in zones as shown, allowing initial success for possession pair. Objective for players is to finish in one of 2 mini goals under some pressure.


31 P3b 4

Progressions & Constraints | 1
  • We progress this by allowing both defenders to apply full pressure as soon as central defender (5) takes a touch, encouraging our player to step into space on opposition press.


31 P3b 5

Progressions & Constraints | 2
  • We can progress further by rewarding split passes talking defenders out of the game.


31 P3b 6

Key Coaching Point | Tactical
  • You will notice defenders play closer together leaving space off their shoulder allowing balls to played into teammates front foot to play forward easier.

31 P3b 7

Key Coaching Point | Tactical
  • We can see how distances between 5 and 4 can influence the amount of pressure applied by defenders and increasing space to be able to play penetration passes.