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Midfield Combination Play | Technical Practice (36-P2)

Set Up / Organisation
Practice 2 of Theme 36 Midfield Combination Play is a technical practice that encourages 3rd man runs. With 2 players at each end and a central pivot player to connect, player 1 passes into player 2 who sets player 1, who in turn plays a through pass for player 3s forward run.

Midfield Combination Play

Set Up / Organisation
Player 2 and 3 spin off to join the opposite end, whilst player 1 takes up the pivot position to combine from the opposite end. You will need 2 pairs to begin with play at one end to ensure the practice develops momentum over time.
Key Coaching Points
  • Coaching detail should be based on player’s pass and touch quality and their timing of movement to receive through balls.
Key Coaching Questions
  • Can you maintain tempo of the practice with one touch?
  • How would you like to receive a pass?
  • Can you play this pass to teammates?