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Building Play In A 433 | Opposed Practice (31-P2)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice 2 of Theme 31 Playing out in a 433 is played in 15 x 16 Yard area with an extra zone with 3 mini goals for our defender to pass into. With our 433 we can see those players involved in this practice, with a focus on forward passes under pressure. As the coach passes the ball into the defender who starts in the first 8-yard zone, the striker (10), begins the press from the 2nd zone.


31 P2 1

Objectives are to be able to play into the mini goal (attacking midfielder 8), the central defensive midfielder (4) and the striker (9). If the striker wins possession, they must run the ball over the end line.


31 P2 2

Progressions & Constraints
Player given additional points for stepping in to next zone in attacks. Allow the striker to start the press in a higher position (Zone 2)


31 P2 3

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Recognise best of 3 options created based off opposition movement.
  • Technical | First touch to move the ball where you want and pass accuracy
  • Social | Focused on bet options, consistent in reactions to next pass


Key Coaching Questions
  • Where is the best passing option and how can you get into position to play this pass?
  • What is the opposition striker trying to do, and and how can you control this?

31 P2 4