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SAQ Through SSG | Technical Practice (102-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
This technical practice includes a variety of movement activities to develop power and finishing. Players must accelerate and decelerate between cones 5 yards apart, before performing hops in the 4 hoops shown, alternating legs on each run.


102 P1 2

They must then bounce over 3 hurdles, receiving a pass from the coach to finish, before reacting to a cross from a crossing player to finish. The finisher must become the crosser and the crosser must move to the group to perform exercises shown.


Progressions & Constraints 1
We would work both sides at the same time, with the next player beginning their run as soon as the live player takes their shot. Focus on technique in player’s movement and finishing.


Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Finishing technique 1 v 1 and from crosses
  • Physical | Focus on movement, balance and power each station
  • Psychological | Concentrate on specific movements consistently


Key Coaching Questions
  • How quickly can you adapt from finishing to positioning from crosses?
  • How are your movement activities replicated in finishing activity?