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Paired Defending | Skill Practice (59-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
Practice 1 of Theme 59 paired defending is a fast paced 2 v 2 Small Sided Game in a 20 by 15 yard area with 4 goals, positioned 2 at each end. The ball is passed into an attacking pair who must break into the attacking half to finish whilst the defending pair are limited to defend in their own half. On winning possession, defenders can score in one of two mini goals. Depending on the number of players, we can rotate a single pair or rotate both teams.

59 P1a

Progressions & Constraints
  • Progress the practice by allowing a single defender to press in the building half, forcing their teammate to provide effective cover based on pressing angles.


Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Defending in 1 v 1s, tackling and jockeying technique
  • Tactical | Decisions to press or cover teammates and timing of these decisions
  • Physical | Agility, quick feet to press or turn to recover quickly