Defend Against The Counter | Skill (37-P2)


Set Up
In this Opposed Skill Practice, the focus is on reactions of the team when they lose possession. How quickly can they protect and then regain possession as a group? 
4 Directional Practice: 40 x 50 yard area (dependent on age of players), with 2 teams of 7 inside area, 2 floaters inside and 1 either end. Objective is for team to keep possession through floaters from one side to the other in 11 v 7.
When possession won, team winning the ball must disperse quickly and finish in one of 2 goals on width of pitch area. Team losing possession must contract to regain quickly as a result of transition to counter to stop finish.
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 17+
Key Coaching Questions
  • Focus here is on transitional work, with speed of thought and reactions to winning and losing the ball most key. How quickly can they score when possession gained?
  • How quickly can team fill sides of the area when they win the ball
Progression 1
  • Possession team can score after 10 passes.
Key Coaching Questions
  • How quickly can team losing possession hunt down possession with small spaces, when they lose the ball?
  • Ability to keep the ball in small spaces to transfer is very important.
  • Progression 2
    • Take out a player to become floater on outside of width area, so 4 outside and 2 inside, leaving 6 v 6.