Striker & Winger Combinations | Opposed / Opposed (56-S1)

This attacking crossing and finishing session combines 2 skill based sessions, with some slight variations between them. Objectives are to develop attacking through strikers and then direct runs into the box from deep both from crosses from wide areas. Coaches can develop each effectively in either sequence to encourage combination play in the final third.

Practice 1: Striker & Winger Combinations - Skill

This attacking crossing and finishing practice has a clear focus on developing possession and effective movement in the final third. Our set up shows us using half a pitch with 3 areas as shown with 15 x 10 yard dimensions. In each deeper area, we have a 2 v 1 replicating CM and Inside FB players v Opposition MF player and in our advanced area we have our single striker against a single defender, with wide players rotating in each channel.
Objective is for attacking team to make passes in each area before releasing wide player creating 3 v 1 in the box with ST, opposite wide player and joining MF runner to score from cross. If defending player wins possession, they can score in either mini goal as shown.

Player Focus

Strength to hold ball up - Movement to lose DF - Timing of forward runs - Delivery of cross



Key Coaching Questions:
  • How can Defender win possession after strikers first touch? How does this affect the practice if constrained?
  • What supporting runs can you make to support striker and make runs in the box for cross?
Progression 1:
  • 2 MFs can now join in and 1 defender can recover from boxes, creating a 4 v 2 from cross. 
Key Coaching Questions:
  • How does this progression influence runs from deeper areas?
  • Can players get across the near post to cause problems? How does this impact on defender and GK during cross? 

Football Practice Set Up: Striker & Winger Combinations - Skill

This attacking crossing and finishing practice focuses on developing possession and specifically runs from deeper areas to attack. Our set up contains a 5 v 5 possession area 30 x 20 yards, with 2 or 4 wide players ready to deliver in channel areas. Objective is for possession team to make 10 passes before scoring in either mini goal. If defending team wins possession they can break immediately with pass to wide players.
After pass into channel 2 players must attack the box, with 1 defending player recovering to create a 3 v 1 attacking overload in the final third (with supporting opposite wide player). Focus on movement in the box and various types of delivery from wingers.

Player Focus

Speed to counter - Forward runs (cross overs?) - Types of delivery - Player to player understanding



Key Coaching Questions:
  • How quickly can players counter attack from central areas - quality of releasing pass?
  • What type of runs can you make as a pair to be clinical and efficient in the final third?
Progression 1:
  • Wide players can now receive inside, with a forward runner joining in to deliver from wide area (rotation) 
Key Coaching Questions:
  • What effective positions can wide players take up in pockets and how does this influence forward run from deep?
  • What types of delivery and runs are effective in this scenario - can you get clear player to player understanding between you?