Free Soccer Drills



Breaking Defensive Lines | Skill Practice (22-P2)

Set Up / Organisation
This passing football practice can be used to develop player's ability to break defensive lines with forward passing. Practice will contain five players, with four players keeping possession and one player shielding area. If defender wins possession he or she must run ball outside square in order to change defender.


Key Coaching Questions
  • How can you create angles quickly to move defender around?
  • How can you penetrate space created?
  • How will it affect play if 2 players play close to each other (smaller angles)?
  • How does ball speed become a factor?
Possible Progressions
  • Split area into 2, so players must play it through diagonally.
  • Central player can now travel through central space to intercept.
  • Central player must win possession within 10-20 passes. How does this change practice?